Sunday, September 9, 2007

What Is Mikey, The Deaf Cat, Up To?

Mikey, the deaf cat, from this blog

Mikey got lucky when, rather than giving up hope, Susan decided to browse on the internet and stumbled upon and got in touch with me. Not only is the rest history but also a coincidence. Someone from old deaf school emailed me about Mikey and she had no idea it was me until I revealed who I am behind this blog email address. It turns out someone deaf she knows has adopted Mikey. You'll notice that Mikey has lost some coat since that first picture on the other blog. The hair loss can be attributed to the stress he has gone through.

Here's Esther's story:

When I saw a picture of Mikey and his sister from Long Island, NY, on the blog, I just knew that he must have another chance to live. Once I got a hold of the former owner's daughter, she said Mikey is available. Former owner's daughter mentioned that after her mother passed away, she got all of five other cats, two dogs and one bird adopted except for Mikey. It seems like that he is being unwanted and I thought about giving Mikey a chance.

Susan said that her boss is willing to drive and drop Mikey off at my place since he plans to visit his family who happens to live in the same town. I was so excited and it was hard to wait until August 8th. I was nervous and wondered what would it be like to have deaf cat. When the time came, the boss arrived with Mikey in the cage. He was very calm from the medicine that the vet gave to him for the road trip. A card from Susan was attached and it reads:

"Dear Esther,

Just wanted to send this note with Mikey. I have enclosed a little treat and his medical records. When my mother passed away and left the cats, I sort of made a promise to myself (and her) that I would do my best to place all of her cats. You wouldn't believe how many people told me that it would be impossible but now with Mikey finding a home and I can have peace of mind to know that ALL of the cats have home. Please let me know how things work out. If there is any problems, please contact me. I am very glad that you are giving Mikey a chance.


It has been about a month since Mikey has joined me and my 5 other cats. Mikey is still shy and likes to hang out in my bedroom under my bed. He only let me touch him when he is under bed. He and my other five cats are still learning to get along. He did have an incident with one of my cats, which tells me that he still need more time to adjust the new owner, environment and five new cats. I am still working on developing a relationship with him even though it'll take a while. It has only been four weeks since Mikey lived with us.

I want to thank Mikey's deceased owner's daughter, Susan, for giving me a chance to have a deaf cat. I hope to adopt more deaf cats in the future. I have informed other people from deaf community about and to consider adopting deaf cats or dogs.

Thank you,
Esther and 6 furballs...


  1. Heartwarming- Yeah for Mikey!!

  2. Hello this is susan's brother who took care of the cat's also the reason for his name is from the old comercial (SEE MIKIE LIKES IT!)when my mom used to feed the other cats as he was the chow hound , sort of. His other joy was when it was time to go to sleep my mom used to fold the blanket at the foot of the bed and he used to meow and run ahead of her and jump on the blanket and my mom would slide him on the blanket across the bed almost every nite. Afew day's after my mom passed away he got very depressed as I did and would not come to me for a long while.
    Hope he's doing ok now.

    jon b

  3. Want to fil Jon in, Mikey is doing wonderful. He is finally not hanging out under my bed anymore. He like to sleep with me at end edge of my bed. Also he knew when it is time for me to go sleep and be affectionate before I sleep. He is realy sweet and adorable. Very alpha of my bedroom. He and the other cats still dont get along perfectly. They r social pretty often while i am home or not. This week im taking him to vet to follow up for his health before it gets cold. Still dont really let me pick him up and hold him very long, just for the short time. It was pretty long time since he got confortable with me. We r getting along great. I always look forward to go sleep so he can jump on my bed and ask me for my attention. His wet nose always tells me hes happy. I am so happy i have him. I want to thank to Susan and Jon. :)