Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two Deaf Feline Brothers in MA -- Harpo and Zeppo!

Here's the duo! *drum rolls* Harpo and Zeppo...

We, the lovable brothers, are located in Marlborough, MA.

About Harpo:

My brother Zeppo and I are about 11-12 months old, and are deaf. We sleep very deeply, so if you want to wake us up, do so gently, since we startle easily! Also, we (well, really just me) meow very loudly when I see you, when I am hungry, when I want attention, just about anytime! We are active boys, especially me. I like to keep an eye on all activity around me. And I really love playing with the foster kittens in my house. I'm not so keen on other adult cats though. I like my own territory. If you really want to be entertained, shine a laser light for us and we will chase it together. You'll think you are seeing double! We were in danger of being put to sleep in the municipal shelter we were at, but the folks there wanted to give us a chance, so we came to Metrowest Animal Awareness Society, and we're ready for you!

About Zeppo:

My brother Harpo and I are about 11-12 months old. I like to live the life of leisure, lounging in baskets, windowsills, bookshelves, cat carriers and just about anyplace cozy. I adapt well to new situations and am very laid back. Why exert myself when there are others around to do the hard work? I will however, rouse myself from a deep sleep if you open a can of cat food...that smell permeates even my deepest sleep. (I do meow on occasion, and when I do, I am loud!) I don't need to move to a new home with my brother, but if you adopt us both, we will reward you with hours of entertainment by chasing a laser light. I'm sure I can catch that thing! You'll think you are seeing double, as we run side by side. We were in danger of being put to sleep in the municipal shelter we were at, but the folks there wanted to give us a chance, so we came to Metrowest Animal Awareness Society, and we're ready for you!

All of our cats are tested for FeLV/FIV, up to date on vaccinations, and spay/neutered before adoption. The adoption fee for each cat is $125. If the adopters have a record of veterinary care, we'd consider out of state adoptions. And, the adoption fee is negotiable, if the vet reference is great, and we know they'll have a good home, that's what we want for any of our cats. Although the boys love each other, they also seem to do just fine apart - first preference would be for them to go together. Serious inquiries from those who will provide a forever home and be ready to be screened or ask for more information, send email to


  1. Yikes .. I am gonna post this to Boston area shortly! Diane

  2. Squ65, thank you for doing your part to spread the word. These deaf animals are grateful to people like you in the Deaf community as the Deaf community, a make up of deaf and hearing members, are the hands and voice for them.

  3. any update on these adorable cats? Sure wish can have them to keep Danny company here. Then, will have three crazy cats chasing the red laser light all around the room! Hoping for a home for BOTH of them together. If anybody needs help with the adoption fee, let us know. We can help some.

  4. Ella:

    That'll be an entertainment to watch and get de-stressed, I am certain! :)

    As always, you and Judy are incredible when it comes to deaf animals. You do practice what you preach and you are inclusive of deaf animals. You have done your part adopting a deaf dog and deaf cat, which is commendable.

    I am working with the foster mom, who is caring for them, on how to increase publicity for Harpo and Zeppo within the Deaf community. I have shared ideas and tips that she's going to try.

    What I shared with her only made me realize my ideas and tips should be available on the website for people like her who needs help in finding a home for deaf animals in the Deaf community. I do not want to reveal much here and wait until I move this to a new website.

    She and her rescue group are willing to help with transportation. While they prefer the deaf cats to go to one of the neighboring states, they will consider someone far away if their vet reference is awesome.

    DeafAnimalRow do appreciate your generosity and kindness.