Friday, September 14, 2007

Vlog: Blind Dog and Deaf-Blind Dog Play Together!

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched this video of a deaf-blind dog, Baron, and blind dog, Widget. It is fascinating to observe how Baron relies on touch to respond and sometimes Widget touches with its nose or paw to get the blind-deaf dog’s attention. When it doesn’t do that and barks instead, Baron wasn’t responsive. Widget appears not to realize Baron was deaf. Baron seems to rely on the movement of the doggy bed to get a feel of what Widget is trying to do. You’ll see how they’re just like any other dogs. Just that they had no slightest idea how lucky they are to be adopted by loving owner who sees them as no different from any other animal :)

With all good intention by the owner, let's explore how the title is worded on title,
"Blind Widget plays with Blind-and-Deaf Baron."

It is as if the deaf-blind dog is not capable of playing. 'Play with' implies directionality, and it seems the deaf-blind dog needed the blind dog to play with him. From this title and how deaf animals are unwanted by most because of its inability to hear, it seems deaf animals are not immune from audism as well, thus supporting our argument that deaf animals should be considered part of the deaf community.

Instead, we should word it so that both dogs are put on an equal footing, for instance,
"Blind Dog and Deaf-Blind Dog Play Together."

Think about it. This also spawns another discussion. When we (the deaf community) turn our cheek and not do our part when it comes to adopting, fostering or rescuing and advocating for deaf animals, are we being audists?

Did you realize that does not post the majority of our posts about deaf animals (specifically when it comes to deaf animals on death row), because they say that deaf animals are not part of the deaf community. See the publishing guideline, #1) Deaf Related Posts.

Deaf animals are not a part of this guideline, therefore Human Editors reject any posts about deaf animals unless deaf people are part of it, for example: People share experience about adopting, fostering, rescuing deaf animal, articles/information about deaf animals, etc. These will get posted on DeafRead.

If we post about a deaf animal about to die this week if it is not adopted, fostered or rescued, DeafRead does not usually publish this. Share your thoughts about this... Are deaf animals part of the deaf community? Or not?


  1. CUTE!!! I love dogs!!! They just make you smile just watching them!!!!

  2. yes - OF COURSE - Deaf dogs/cats animals SHOULD be posted on DeafRead, as it is "DEAF" related. Even if the dogs have their last days, who knows who would run to their rescue. YES POST IT, DeafRead!!!

  3. Bless you, for you've convinced me deaf animals are a part of the community!! They're not exactly people..but close enough! haha but on a serious note, they do suffer just like we do. I've got the biggest soft spots for animals in my heart :)

    As I was leaving the vet a few weeks ago, an employee ran out of the door to catch me. She told me she had a friend with a deaf dog and couldn't take care of the dog..who knows why!! but she wanted to know if I knew anyone who'd want the dog. I told her about this site, and I sure hope she found it!

  4. Oh, I loved this! It was heartwarming! Thanks for sharing.

    ~ LaRonda

  5. Yes I am for Deaf Animal Row under deafread.

  6. These posts have appeared on DeafRead Extra, which is where they might be going instead.

    This video is interesting because of studying animal behavior. Friendship is often invited by exhibiting defenseless behavior, which dogs do by exposing their throat and lowering the head.

    The deaf-blind dog frequently exposes its throat and invites attack by the blind dog. Once the blind dog attacks (play nipping) then the deaf-blind dog knows what to do and counter-attacks.

    But the blind dog tires of this game and barks. The deaf-blind dog doesn't answer the barks, or maybe can feel the vibrations, and stops playing because exposing its throat is not attracting play nips anymore. It goes to sleep and ignores the howls of the blind dog.

  7. yes your website should be posted on DeafRead.

    Maybe it's just that Deaf Animal Row post "too often" to them that the all other posts will disappear out of first page quickly.

    I enjoyed that video.

  8. Smile ...... Impressed! Both Baron and Widget play together comfortably! I love dogs very much too.


  9. Thats sweet. I'm so glad their loving owner is keeping them.