Monday, September 17, 2007

Deaf Cat In Louisana To Be Euthanized. Hurry!

My heart is broken! I am about 4 years old, and I had a home of my own with a loving human. We were very happy, even though they say I am deaf, but something terrible happened: my older human friend had a heart attack, and her children brought me here,where I am on death row! Please hurry, pets are euthanized every Tuesday...

Not sure yet? THIS PET CAN BE FOSTERED which is a wonderful program where you provide the love and care and the rest of the basics are provided for you. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the pet before adoption, or to keep it safe and healthy while it waits for a permanent home. Foster homes give many rescued animals another chance for life. Or consider even the smallest donation to this shelter. Since funding is limited, every dollar really does contribute to a longer stay for our animals. And a longer stay means a better chance for finding a home.

My Contact Info
St. Martin Parish Animal Control
St. Martinville, LA

Phone: (337) 394-1220

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