Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dogs (and Cats): Deaf Awareness Week at Petfinder!

Petfinder has made this announcement on their site to recognize the existence of deaf cats and dogs. It is great that even deaf animals are honored during the Deaf Awareness Week.

This person, I will leave the name out, who sent the original link and made this comment, "My only objection is using George Strain as an expert. While his information about deafness in dogs, per se, is excellent, his commentary on deaf dogs themselves is NOT. He is not sure they should be allowed to survive. He is sort of in league with the Dal Club." Why she mentioned George in the same league as The Dalmatian Club of America (DCA)? Here is their horrifying position on deaf Dalmatians. What's even great is this person is hearing and doesn't agree with George nor DCA. I do not want any of deaf animals to fall in his or anyone's hands for labatory purpose. Let's hope for a better expert on deaf animals in the future where pathological view is absent.

What a great irony about Petfinder's, who has no affiliation with the Deaf community, recognizance of deaf pets as part of the Deaf Awareness Week is that our own Deaf community has not recognizes deaf pets as a part of our community. Here's something for you to ponder: How many of you folks in the Deaf community, deaf or hearing, have a deaf pet? Something for you to think about :)

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