Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stockbridge, GA: English Bulldog Needs a Home

Iceman is a white English Bulldog. He is deaf. Iceman is great with little kids and all different kinds of animals (cats, dogs, reptiles, etc.). He loves women but not too great with men/teenage boys (unless he grows-up with them). Potty trained, loves to follow you around the house, loves to play with empty water bottles, can play rough, is cage aggressive but will go in his crate, and will protect in the home.

Iceman is 4 yrs old. Neutered and up to date on all shots. When I got him from his 3rd owner I wasn't with my husband. Then we decided to get back together. Iceman is not fond of men. Honestly i believe he was abused by a man. I would love for him to go to an all female home. He truly is a great dog and very misunderstood. He protects my little girl and me. He is ok with my husband as long as me and my little girl isn't in the house. Iceman is in Stockbridge, GA. Staying with my mother inlaw. I am in texas, but my best friend, paula, if anyone is interested will take them to see him. Any other question please email me at

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