Thursday, February 9, 2012

Auburn, AL: German Wirehaired Pointer Needs a Loving Home

Please contact Stephanie if you can help:  334-559-0558 or by email at

A friend of mine’s wife works at the vet school at Auburn University (in Alabama) and this dog was brought in a short time ago. She had been shot.  As a result, she is now blind in her right eye and recovering the sight in her left eye. She is a female German wirehaired pointer (purebred, but without papers) that is around a year old. She has not been spayed.  My friend and his wife have been keeping her at their house for a little while and are willing to keep her for another week or so, but they can’t provide a permanent home for her.

The couple has twins who are toddlers and their resident dog pushes this dog around a bit.  She is very sweet, not even remotely aggressive and has been good with the children pulling and poking at her for the last week!  She was pretty skittish at first, which is not surprising for a dog that has been shot, but she has started to come out of her shell a lot within the last few days. The doctors who have seen her have recommended not removing the right eye at this time and said it may not be necessary at all. It is not protruding or anything; it just appears cloudy. They have also said it may be best to wait a little while before having her spayed because of the trauma she has been through recently.

I am hoping to find a home for this sweet girl. If a loving forever home can’t be found, the couple would be willing to let the dog go to a rescue, but they really feel that it would be best for her to be in a quiet and stable environment (not in a kennel situation) in order to recover comfortably.  If anyone is interested in helping this dog, they can contact me at 334-559-0558 or by email at  I would be willing to help with a transport.

Thank you!

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