Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lafayette, TN: Benji Look Alike Needs a Loving Home

Contact with a sense of love and urgency:  Officer Rejena Parker at: rparker703@yahoo.com or call at 423-278-4622

Dear Rescue Family

Here is an absolutely beautiful special needs baby!!! She is blind and hearing impaired!!! She needs just the right situation for her. She needs a loving mama type person and a safe place as she is scared. I would be too if I was disabled this way!! She is absolutely adorable as you will see from her picture. A wonderful, kind Law Enforcement Officer named Rejena  Parker rescued her and now she needs just the Right placement.

I ask you to open your hearts, post widely, cautiously and lovingly for this precious little fur angel!! She is located in Lafayette, TN.

No Craig’s List

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