Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Montville, CT: Senior Mutt Needs Help

To contact Martel, call 860-848-3529 

Josie deserves a home. Josie is old, mostly deaf, nearly blind, arthritic and she has a skin condition. She is also just about the sweetest dog you'd ever want to know. She needs a home with people who will adore her and be kind to her, and in return, she will give you all the love in her heart. Josie is nearly blind, and pretty deaf. She is arthritic. She has bald spots. And she is one of the dearest dogs you'd ever want to meet. Martel found her stuck in a briar patch on Raymond Hill Road, where she'd been crying 
out for hours.

When Josie got to the shelter, Martel says, all she did was eat and sleep, for days. Now she is a little more active, but still, she is quiet and calm. "She loves her bed," Martel says. And she might not be as old as she appears. Her teeth looks like the teeth of a dog much younger than Josie appears to be. But there's no telling.

Jolie needs a home where she can live out her day with people who will care for her, be patient with her, and give her all the needs. In return, this dear old blind dog will give you a heart full of love. 

Credit: Carrie Jacobson

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  1. According to Helping Connecticut Canines, Josie has been adopted!