Monday, February 20, 2012

Solution to Inappropriate Urination for Cats

I want the same for my feline-nds!

BuffBlue (B2) was surrendered to me when he was 5 years old a couple of years ago. I learned that B2 urinated outside the litter box sometimes. This was an issue I’d never dealt with before and it’s something not many people want to deal with. I wanted to give B2 a chance rather than let him go to someone and then possibly be surrendered to a shelter. I planned not to adopt him out to a new home until his issue was resolved, just to be fair to him and whomever decided to adopt him. So, I gave it a shot.

First, I took B2 to the vet to rule out a possible urinary tract infections (utior any other medical issues that may have been causing him to urinate outside the box. After they were ruled out, the vet suggested prozac, feliway and a tall cat tree. I didn’t have a tall cat tree so don’t know how beneficial that would have been but the other two recommendations (prozac and feliway) didn’t work very effectively. I tried to figure out what made him do this. With B2 already declawed by the previous home, unfortunately, I had wondered whether or not the declawing may have contributed to his behavior or at least partially. From doing a little of research, I was surprised to find that declawing is number one reason for inappropriate urination. There are other factors that contribute to inappropriate urination as well such as a new addition in the family, change in environment, lack of activities or love/attention, etc.

One day, I was at a health pet store which I had been patronizing for a long time.  While there, I discussed B2′s urination issues with the store owner. Without hesitation, the owner pointed to Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter and asked if I had tried it. I decided to buy a small bag, being a bit skeptical given all the gimmicks out there.

When I got home, I put out two separate litter boxes – one full of Cat Attract litter and the other with a mixture of Cat Attract litter and World’s Best litter to see which one B2 would prefer. On the first day, I could tell how pleased he was with this new discovery. Since then, he has been using Cat Attract litter religiously with no interest in the other litters.  I can see the difference in his level of contentment and happiness. Cat Attract litter was a miracle waiting to happen!

Too much time has passed like about a year that we bonded while I was exploring ways to help B2 overcome his issue in between my hectic schedule, fostering and TNR'ing. He has made himself at home that I decided not to uproot him after all this time. I was prepared to keep him if nothing worked for him. Ever since, I have been recommending Cat Attract litter to my friends when they shared concern with me and I want to share this on a larger forum to get as many people aware.

Cat Attract litter is more than just a litter and is designed to resemble the natural odor that an outdoor experience provides for cats. Cats may be domesticated but their instincts will always be that of what comes naturally to them. Cats aren't able to tell us which litter they prefer. Dr. Elsey has done his research in understanding the needs of cats and educating us to be receptive to those needs. There are many wonderful reviews about Dr. Elsey and his Cat Attract litter.

For rescues and shelters, check here about their Shelter Partners Program and share with everyone you know, including adopters and fosters about what Dr. Elsey Cat Attract litter can do. Inside the litter bag, there is a booklet with valuable information and instructions. With this knowledge, it helps save lives as too often cats are dumped in a shelter or surrendered. Please don't give up or lose hope and your cat will thank you!

Here's a tip when you use the Cat Attract litter for the first time by using 5 important steps:

Thank you and hope you learned something new. 

Katherine and B2

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