Saturday, January 14, 2012

Philadelphia, PA: Daschund Needs to Get Out

Call 215 426 6300, extension # 234 or 251


Oddball Oscar is an adorable deaf little wiener dog of about 9 years old who is desperate to find someone who will love him and understand him, for once! Oscar was surrendered by his owner's son because they could no longer care for him. It's true, Oscar is deaf and does have some cataracts, but that doesn't mean he is ready for the end! Sheesh

This spunky guy has a lot of living to do and love to give. In fact, when you take Oscar for a walk, he trots along like a youngster, leaping up onto steps without a care in the world, ears flapping in the wind like flags. He really likes to go for walks and explore what is around him - typical inquisitive dachshund! Oscar was tested with cats at the shelter and did pretty well, so he could probably live with a kitty if you have one at home. He also did OK with other little dog he met here, but please bring any resident pups you might have at home in with you to meet Oscar so that we can make sure it's a perfect match! 

Oscar can be a little fussy over his food bowl, so we recommend feeding him separate. We would also prefer that he go to a home without children (as they might freak him out with his hearing issue and impaired vision). An ideal place for t his guy would be a nice calm home with adults who are pretty relaxed but do enjoy getting outside for some fresh and sight seeing. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Please share for Oscar or come and meet him today! Must be a 501c3 to pull from this shelter! To inquire about him or visit him, here is the information: 350 East Erie Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19134 and 215 426 6304

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