Monday, January 16, 2012

Dallas, TX: Pit Bull Mix Needs a Home, Foster or Rescue

From: Adopt A Dallas Pet
adoptadallaspet at yahoo dot com.
Date: 2012.01.15
Re: Deaf dog needs new home, foster home, or rescue group
Location: Dallas / Garland, Texas

Several years ago Denali wandered into someone's back yard. His ears had been cut off in an apparent non-medical attempt at ear cropping. It turns out he was deaf as well. 
Adoption attempts were unsuccessful, but a foster home was found and this eventually turned into a permanent home. Denali was living the good life with other dogs, cats, and a bunny rabbit. He loved to swim in the pool and jump in the morning shower with his new mom.
However, now he is suffering the unexpected tragedies of human life, including a divorce, unemployment, and a home foreclosure. Sadly, Denali must find a new home, and fast.
Denali did suffer some kind of back injury several years ago and had back/spinal surgery. He seems to have healed fine, but he can't hold it indefinitely, though it is possible this could improve with a change of food (I've seen improvements like this before).
Many of the details are foggy right now. I am still trying to gather all the facts, but don’t want to hold up networking him for a few details. I’ll get more info just as soon as I can.
Denali needs a new home, a foster home, or a rescue group to take him. For any or all of these, standard interview, home check, reference checks, and adoption contract will apply. He will not simply be handed over to someone else, no questions asked.
He is a pittie mix, probaby 5 - 7 yrs old., 70+ lbs, neutered. Good with other animals.
If you can help in any way, please contact me soon adoptadallaspet at yahoo dot com.

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  1. Denali is very playful and gets cuddly when he is tired. I love him so very much. Please someone help him

    Denali's Mommy