Monday, January 16, 2012

Baltimore, MD: Pit Bull Needs a Home or Rescue

There is $100 sponsorship offered by Vicki at for rescue who takes her.  

Name: Grace
DOB: 2/14/10
Age: 23 months
Disability: Deaf
Breed/Weight: White, Pit Bull Terrier, approx. 45 lbs
I have a deaf 15 month old white female Pit Bull terrier that I need to find a home for.
Grace is a very sweet and affectionate pup. She loves belly rubs and to be pet. She is highly energetic & loves to be walked. Grace loves interacting with people and has been socialized with many dogs and cats. With love, consistency, and regimen, Grace has come to understand several commands using basic sign language. Like any puppy, she may give you that look, - “What?! Really?” but always follows through. She enjoys looking out the windows to see what or who is passing by.

Because of her disability, it can be difficult to let her off the leash.  She is looking for someone with patience and a lot of love to give back; and for a home with a lot of space to run her little heart out.


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  1. I have a deaf pit that looks almkst identical to her. I wish I could take her in she looks beautiful. Hope you will be able to find her a good home, these dogs show more love to their owners more then a dog that has no special needs, abolutely amazing how loving they are. Good luck!