Friday, October 15, 2010

Richmond, VA: Dogo Argentino Mix in High Kill Shelter

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Casper is S
OLID white with one freckle on his ear. He is a sure head turner. He is also a big boy. I didn't get him on the scale yet but I think he is in the neighborhood of 80lbs. He is a young boy probably about a year old given that his teeth are as white as he is. He is friendly, doesn't really jump up on you, has some leash manners (he doesn't pull as bad as a dog that size could), and we suspect that he is good with other dogs given his calm nature around them inside the shelter (haven't tested him as he is a big boy but will closer to his release date). Why is Casper urgent? Casper's world is silent. He is deaf which I believe is not too uncommon in sold white dogs. If you are interested in adopting Casper please contact He is located in Montgomery County Animal Shelter!

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