Monday, October 25, 2010

Lakewood, CA: Heeler is to Head the Pound

Deaf Australian Queensland Heeler - needs help NOW, will be taken to pound soon & will have no chance there - special needs dog!

An old, sick woman had Dakota and kept her in a cage all of the time. Dakota was given to a friend of mine at almost a year old - Dakota was afraid of my friend and her family. She was taken to the vet to get spayed then she was given to us.

Female, around 2 years old, Deaf. Body of a greyhound. She has A LOT of energy. She likes to run around. She has a LOUD bark. She can get jealous easily when around other dogs. If door is open, Dakota will go outside to go potty. Give me a call 562 455 6640 or reply to this email at

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