Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fremont, OH: Cat Needs a Home


my little, deaf kitty
needs to find a new home.
Breed: Angora mix
Birthdate: 3/13/05
Green Eyes
Soft white hair
Declawed (front only)
Up to date with shots
Very sweet and lovable
Loves to lay on my lap or beside me to get petted
Loves cat nip, tuna, milk, and cat treats
(her favorite cat treats are Whiskas and
Temptations, chicken flavor
Eats Purina Cat Chow food dry
Loves to chase moths or bugs
and will bat them right out of the air
Doesn’t meow a lot,
only when she needs something.
She will let you know if she needs food or water
by letting out one of her cute little meows
Fufi loves to look out of the window
and feel the breeze of nice fresh air,
even though she is an indoor cat.
She sleeps lots during the day,
always greets me in the morning
for some attention.

She snores quietly which is very funny

Fufi is Litter box trained;
sometimes she misses over the side
but never on purpose
If you tap your hand on the ground or on the sofa
she will jump up next to you

If you make a piano like motion
with your fingers on the carpet
she will come over and want to be petted.

Fufi bats around a cat nip filled toy
and carries around one of her toy mice
every once and a while

She loves loves to be brushed

Fufi loves to wear her witches dress at Halloween;
she used to wear a little sweater as a kitten, so cute!

She loves to sleep under my Christmas tree
during the holiday

I always wanted an all white cat.
I purchased her at a reputable pet store as a kitten.

Now I am truly very sad
to have to find her a new home.
I am moving
and am limited to only two pets.
She deserves only the best
and I have cried many nights
over the thought of not having her around.
She is my very best girl
(I tell her that all the time).
I care most about Fufi being
comfortable and happy
because I know how hard it must be for her
not to be able to hear anything
and it would be selfish of me to keep her
knowing she is upset with a dog and cat
that scare her all the time.
I need to do what is best for my little girl,
even though I don’t want to say goodbye...
(and of course, I am crying right now even writing this).
If you are interested in adopting Fufi,
please fill out an online application at:

Kind Regards,
Barbara McGrady

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  1. Hi, We would like to adopt Fufi, we have a cat just like her but he is long haired and deaf too he is angora breed. We both are deaf ourselves and have other cats too. we live in Harrisonville, Pa. was wondering how we can adopt her? Please email me at Thanks Monica