Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Troy, NY: Daschund Needs a Placement or She'll be PTS

I desperately need help finding a home for my father's beloved Dachshund. He passed away 3 weeks ago, and I have called every rescue in the area. I have been told that there are no available foster homes at this time, and that senior dogs are very hard to place. I would greatly appreciate your help.

She is a 14 yr old female Dachshund, deaf, and partially blind. Her disabilities do not impair her, and she still responds. She is trained, and does basic commands.

She needs good loving home, and if not, she will have to be put down.

This little girl is very lovable, calm, quiet but full of life. She grew up with a cat. She seems happy when she sees other dogs. I have never known her to snap at, or fight with another dog. In regards to the cat, it seemed like she simply "tolerated" her! Contact me at

Thank you, Priscilla

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