Thursday, September 30, 2010

NY, NY: Temporary Foster Needed for a Dog

On 8/1/10 I moved from the apt I had in Queens & am currently residing temporarily with my elderly aunt in the Bronx. Cosmo was with me there for a few weeks, but she is not allowed to have dogs as per the home attendant agency that cares for her. As a result he has been in Virginia with my ex-boyfriend for the past 3 weeks but he is now asking me to come get him or he will surrender him to a shelter.

I want to bring him back to NYC this weekend but he cannot stay in the Bronx with me and I will be looking for an apt for the new year, but until then where can I put him? Please let me know if you have any ideas, because I don't want my dog to die just because I don't have a permanent address. Friends & family all say the same "
You can stay, but you can't bring the dog." So unfair pets are like our children not disposable objects. This makes me really sad.

If someone will foster him, I will take care of his food & maintenance expenses & if possible would like to pick him up for visits. I've had him since 2005. He also likes to hunt & will chase cats, squirrels lizards, mice etc. He can't hear but does understand some sign language & basic obedience commands. He's approximately 65 lbs. Part Dalmation as I was told by AC&C. I love this dog. He's a gentle sweetheart & makes friends every where he goes, I'm not kidding.


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  1. I posted a suggestion on FB and thought I might add it here in case you didn't see it... I really hope you can find someone in NYC. Have you researched NY state dalmatian rescues to see if someone can help? The fact you want to pick him up again soon should be in your favor when looking for a foster.