Friday, September 3, 2010

New York, NY: Cat Has 10 Days to Find Placement

I have 10 days to find this kitty a new home:

Bill is a special kitty who came upon years of hard luck. After living briefly in a home until his owners moved, he was tossed outside and abandoned to the elements, losing most of his hearing and his teeth poor guy! Bill was fed inconsistently & indifferently, no medical needs were ever attended to. He lived through snow and rainstorms with only a cardboard box and a plastic chair for shelter on a bad bad block full of abandoned kitties and lots of children who aren't nice to cats.

I heard about Bill from a friend who had moved to the block and realized how he was suffering through the winter, saw how much he loved to be pet on the head each time my friend passed by, found out this had been going on for years and called me. When I rescued him from his cardboard box under the plastic chair, he was egregiously undernourished, filthy, missing most of his teeth, and almost entirely deaf (he can hear clapping hands).

Bill is far more confident knowing he no longer has to worry about his next meal, has a cozy place to sleep, sheltered from the weather and consistent love. He now purrs at the drop of a hat, the second he curls up! With regular petting and holding, he has begun to seek out affection independently. He sleeps on the bed every night and up by foster mom's head and will switch sides of the bed in the middle of the night if she turns around in order to be closer to her, often putting a paw on her arm or leg while sleeping to feel near. He also gets a little jealous of her laptop when she uses it in bed (often) and will nuzzle on it, walk back and forth on it, and curl up by it in between her and the laptop. In spite of his sobering upbringing, he likes to play and is particularly fond of string-like toys (something foster mom realized when she came home to the roll of toilet paper pulled down and shredded up as if a kitten had just had a blast with it). Lately Bill has taken to waiting for his foster mom right behind the front door since he is deaf, that way he knows when she gets home! Bill is losing his home because his foster mom is moving into a dorm that doesn¹t allow pets. I have cats and Bill needs to be in a home without other cats.

Bill doesn't demand much and really just needs a loving, sweet human who loves to be loved by a sweet kitty. He doesn¹t like other cats and really just wants to be around you. You aren't even obliged to pet him a lot. He mainly just wants you to be there when you can. Bill has always had luck in one thing, his looks. He is one heck of a gorgeous kitty. Stunning long hair and the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I can't even tell you how special they are as I have never seen anything like it.
Bill is now healthy, tested negative for fiv/leuk, is neutered, and is up-to-date on all of his shots.

If you are interested in Bill or have questions, please CONTACT Claire at 718-455-5711 weeknights and weekends, 212-708-9690 weekdays or email

Please forward this to anyone who is looking for a quiet companion


  1. This breaks my heart. I hope to goodness he can have a home - life has been rough - now he deserves a chance of love.

  2. It seems we have found him a home!! He has been in his new home for one month and after some rough patches it looks like he gets to stay!! I'm thrilled. : )