Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maury County, TN: Pit Bull Needs Help

The young man who saved the dog said that he had seen the two dogs playing in a field that morning on his way to work. He said he thought why are those beautiful dogs running loose (boxer & bulldog). They should be in their yard. (He couldn't stop because he was on his way to work) On his way home from work he saw them on the side of the highway. (Highway 7 in Maury County) He thought they were both dead but he pulled off the highway to check. That's when he noticed the white bulldog had his head resting on the boxer's chest. He raised his head and began to whimper & cry. The young man picked him up and put him in his truck. He said he just had to help!!!

The dog is a young unaltered male. He is very friendly with other dogs and children. If you sit down beside him he will get in your lap and lie down. (Wants to be held like a baby) He is shy and cowers down if you raise your hands...(Like he's been hit).

The man already has two dogs of his own and can't take in another one. If you can help, please let me know by sending me an email at srine@maurycounty-tn.gov.

Sonjalyn Rine

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