Monday, July 26, 2010

Phoenix, AZ: Kitten Needs a Good Home

Frodo, DSH, male, white with blue eyes
FELV/FIV negative
Vaccinated for FELV
Has first 2 FVRCP vaccines
Will be due for final FVRCP vaccine and rabies vax in mid-August
Neutered 7/27/10
Treated for fleas and ear mites (all cleared)
Friendly, playful, not shy at all
Good with other cats, dogs (tried to swat a Great Dane!), would be ok with older kids.
Contact info: email at or call at 602-573-0359


  1. Hi there, I have just stumbled across your blog. I have an all white kitty named Casper who is deaf like Frodo, and I just wanted to tell anyone out there who is thinking about adopting but might be apprehensive, that deaf cats are really no different from hearing cats (I have three of those too).

    Casper has a peculiar meow and that is about it, otherwise he runs and plays and is the MOST gentle cat I have ever owned. He is my prince and the alpha mancat of my brood. You may also like/need to know that I have incurred NOT ONE extra vet bill because of his deafness, he has cost just as much or as little as my other kitties. Please don't let the fact that a cat is deaf stop you from giving them the safe, loving home they deserve :-)

  2. He looks so bold as brass. Bless him, hope he finds a deserving home. I am from UK and would grab him instantly! but made do with a little black cat who adopted my home (she doesn't like the dog but still comes "home" for dinners!)

  3. Hi. This is MaryBeth Brauer. Im deaf. I dont know if you got my message. I rescued kittens\cats aii the times, I have 17 cats, 14 cats and 3 kittens. We lived in 15 acres. I really wanted to adopt a deaf cat cuz Ive never had a deaf cat before. Is there a way I can get that white cat, We lived in Texas. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks.

  4. Deanie HoughtalingAugust 3, 2010 at 12:04 AM

    Frodo has found his new home here in Phoenix.