Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Douglassville, GA: Cat Needs Rescue ASAP!

No: 3962 Name: Jake

Contact pnh1918@aol.com 404-725-0393 / 770-577-7743 if you can help.

Grey/White Short Haired Male 11 months old with Shiny Gold Eyes.

Jake was a owner surrender because he is deaf and has a bobbing motion to his head @ times. We do not know Jake's History but do not believe he was born in this condition and it took family 11 months to decide to bring him to the Douglas County Shelter.

Jake has been moved from the Cat Room into ISO which is a Death Sentence for the next Euthanasia. Jake is very easy going and as long as he sees you and your hands likes to be petted and loved.

Jake needs a RESCUE in order to have a life more than 11 months. Who will take this Great Baby No one wants as he deserves to live as any one of the Animal Kingdom should have a life.

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  1. I have posted this on Facebook, and repeatedly on Twitter in the hope it is passed on to enough people and Jake is saved. Sometimes I wish New Zealand wasn't so damned far away.....