Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweet Dog in TX Has 10 Days to Be Saved!

UPDATE: She is living the life of Riley! There are 52 acres with three ponds and a pair of horses. The one horse, Tango," is her best friend. The owners absolutley love her to pieces! They recently took in another pittie (neutered male) that CAN hear. He stays mostly around the kids but Dolly loves to hang with the horses or roam the woods.

Dolly is doing very well. she gets along with everyone! (kids, cats, pups and other dogs) she is very energetic and appears intelligent. She knows some basic hand commands too. She was fully vetted, (shots and rabies cert.) hw-, spayed, tatooed and microchipped. She will be a lovely addition to any loving home!

Now for the BAD city is NOT happy with me at all. I am treading on very thin ice. I was told we are a pound for city of kountze ONLY!! They are aware that I committed to taking in Doc as well. I have been told both dolly and doc may stay 10 days only with NO extensions or exceptions. This means they need to have back up temp foster homes in case permanent ones cannot be found before time runs out. I will not put them to sleep. I flat out refuse! If they are not gone within the 10day period I can loose my job. So, I need everyone's full effort to get these babies placed. Doc isn't here yet so I don't know if Cathy still wants to bring him here or not. If I had to do it all over again, I would and I will in the future too. I just need to let you all know that it is on a case by case situation and from now and pre-approval from my supervisor will have to be initiated. Thank you and god bless!

A.J. Creel, City of Kountze, TX Animal Control Officer

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