Sunday, July 5, 2009

Black Labrador Mix Needs a Home in NH

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He should not be with cats and seems to be ok with some dogs. He still needs to be the only dog in the home. He is a great deaf dog and I hope we can find him a home. He is so in love with our 14 years old volunteer who walks him two times a week.

Danielle Miller
North Country Humane Society
Columbia, NH

This is the same dog who was surrendered by the family in Massachusetts after he came all the way from Texas because he and the family's dog didn't get along.
Here is a post from last year: Blu


  1. How dog aggressive is he that people keep giving him up. Did his people in Mass not know he was dog aggressive ?
    He is beautiful I hope he finds a new place.

  2. Blu hasn't gone to a home yet since that family in Massachusetts. I haven't spread the word until now.

    All I know is that Blu rode in the truck with another dog or two. All the transporters fell in love with him. I know I did. He is sweet and wonderful.

    When he got here that one evening, I took him to the park for a walk and there was other dogs around. Then he was put in his crate for his sleep before his next transport as he has had a long day. He was at the cafe with me early in the am and the cafe owner's dogs came out to meet him. During his very brief stay with me, I wasn't given any impression that he wouldn't be good with other dogs.

    Some dogs do not get along so it's ok and it can happen. Some are good with opposite sex than same or vice versa, some are good with smaller or bigger dogs. Some cannot be with other dogs at all. It depends on many factors.

    It was hard for the family to do this and they want to see Blu to go to a loving home that he deserves.