Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stevie in a Home for Good and Ever!

Stevie has been renamed Arctic by the new family who adopted her. Jocelyn is currently living in Rochester, NY, while she is about to finish her graduate studies at RIT.

Arctic is a sweetie, everyone loves her. She is living with Skyline, the other cat and both love each other. Skyline constantly baths her and follows her around. Artic likes to explore high places. Also, you will see her sitting next to my boyfriend, watching. She loves to sleep on a laptop. She sometimes attacks my laptop or my monitor when the cursor moves. She also enjoys being the center of attention when we watch TV because she kept jumping on the TV stand and just sit there in front of the TV. Arctic loves to find places small enough where she can hide. A silly girl.

Jocelyn, Skyline and Arctic


Move over, Arctic! Oh, she's deaf!

Sigh! Arctic leaves me with little space again..

What a piggy you are, Skyline!

Oh, look at that cursor -- I'm tempted!

Har Har! No computer access...

It is me or the computer!

What a view!

I wasn't shipped in this box but a private plane!

Arctic and another deaf cat, Munchie, were in Florida and flown to Pennsylvania by a private pilot when no one showed interest in adopting one of them in the neighboring states of Florida.


  1. So nice to hear good news! Arctic is gorgeous and adorable. Thanks for all your work!

  2. My work in helping these 2 cats wouldn't have been possible without these people, including those who adopted the cats, involved to make it happen. They deserve the thanks too! :)

  3. what about Munchie? Have anyone adopted her yet?

  4. Yes, Munchie has been adopted. A happy ending for both cats. There are two deaf cats still awaiting a home on this site and a third one coming up soon. Thanks for looking out for those two :)

  5. how much does it cost to transport a Deaf cat to Utah?