Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pre-Order Your Photo Book Project Book to Support Deaf Dogs!

While we do not know how long pre-order will last but it'll probably end soon. Take advantage and save money by pre-ordering and at the same time, you are contributing to a fundraise of $300,000 to help dogs across the country. The money will help raise awareness about the pet overpopulation problem, the plight of pit bulls and the truth about deaf dogs. Pre-order will cost you $37.50 for one of the books, either the deaf dog book or the rescue dog book and when that expires, the order cost will be $50.00. You have the option of pre-ordering both books as well for $37.50 each.

When you pre-order, don't forget to scroll down and pick which shelter you want your portion of $ to go to. Here's the link:

When you go there, the left clickable area will show you beautiful slides of deaf dogs and rescued dogs with other information about them. The right clickable area is where you go to pre-order.

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