Monday, June 22, 2009

Deaf Pit Bull Dumped by Owner in PA

call Cheryl 610-692-6113 x213, CCSPCA

My owner moved and couldn't take me. I AM DEAF so I will need an owner who has patience and lots of dog experience. Please meet with me! Adopted but returned because she plays "too rough" with the cats. She will pick them up and carry them around. never hurt them purposely but had potential to hurt accidentally.

Call Cheryl 610-692-6113 x213, CCSPCA or email at


  1. She is adorable! I wish I could take her into my home. I already have a male that looks almost just like her! Except he has a tan spot around one of his eyes and he too is deaf! It has been challenging working with him but he is so loving and funny you can't help but to keep trying! He is only five months old right now, but he is now house broken!!! These dogs are a blessing from God!

    Sorry but I couldn't put anything in but anonymous. But I am Sherry my baby is Ash and our email is

  2. She has been adopted. Thanks for considering adoption.