Monday, June 15, 2009

Deaf Dalmatian in CA


I have a dog here named Gertrude that I'm going to beg for your help with. She a dalamatian and is approx. 7 years old. She is deaf. I have been working with Dalmatian rescue to get her out of here but a few have said no due to her age and the other one has no room at this time. She wasn't spayed before she came her so we spayed her here and we also removed some mammory tumors. We biopsied the tumors and the came back benign. I'm really worried about her because she has be declining behavioral ever since her surgery. She needs to go into a dalmatian saavy home because she can be snappy sometimes. But she wasn't really like that before her surgery so I think it might be due to her surgery or her length of stay here. I'm really getting desperate because I think she truly deserves a second chance in a home that can give her the time to come around and are very dalmatian smart. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thanks, Carli

Carli Lutgendorf
Director of Adoptions
Escondido Humane Society


  1. Kennel at shelter can make a dog go crazy if stay is too long and need to get out. Imagine humans being in a 4x6 room 24/7? Same effect.

    Mammary tumors are often caused by a dog that's not spayed. Less health problems when dogs are neutered or spayed. Good thing it is benign so nothing to worry about and the spay helps stop the growth.

    Senior dogs are wonderful to have and what more noble it is than to let them live out their lives comfortably.

  2. Deaf Dalmatian ownerJune 15, 2009 at 6:07 PM

    I just adopted a 12 yr old deaf Dalmatian from a CA shelter. I wish I could help, she's a lovely Dal. Good Luck!

  3. Deaf Dalmatian owner,

    God is smiling at you for giving yours a chance and I'm sure your dog is eternally grateful. Wish more people are like us but there's not otherwise every shelter animal would have been adopted by now.