Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sign Petition to Help Poppy in CO Live!

UPDATE: The mgr of the trailer park was contacted and he said that the family decided to put this elderly, deaf dog down THEMSELVES, and keep a younger one that they had secretly hidden for 8 months.. The mgr of the park said he would never advise somebody to euthanize their dog. He thinks the family should keep Poppy and let him live out his life there, and that they need to find a home for the younger dog that they took in and secretly kept for 8 months. Will find out later to confirm whether or not above is true.
Poppy is a 15 years old deaf dog

Check the link to learn what the story is and then sign your petition. So far, there's 430 signatures and 1k is needed to accomplish the goal. Poppy needs our voice to get it heard:


  1. Elli was in an auto accident that eventually took the life of her [first]husband. She suffered permanent disabilities from it.
    Poppy (the little old man dog in the middle of the pic) became her reason to get up in the morning.
    She added Bella to their little family about 5 years ago. Bella was only a week old. (The little blond dog.) She hand fed her with an eye dropper. Both Poppy and Bella mean the world to her. They are her Emotional Therapy Dogs and her doctor agrees.
    She remarried a little over two years ago and they bought her daughter's mobile home.

    About a year ago (as of now), Boots who was registered next door, started coming over.
    Elli and Greg made a doghouse out on their back porch for Boots and for the neighbor's other dog, and put out fresh water and gave them dog biscuits to keep the one dog from barking.
    (Elli and Greg were trying to help.)
    Boots and the neighbor's other dog were out most of the daytime. Boots tunneled her way to Elli's home several times a day for a few weeks until Boots' owners gave her to Elli and Greg. After that, Boots stayed with them.
    The truth is, Elli didn't think about registering her with the Mobile Home Park, because she was already registered and she came from right next door. She assumed it would be all right.
    She wasn't hiding her and in fact one evening the manager came by to say that someone had complained that Elli's dog was barking. It just so happened that Elli and Greg had been out of town with all three dogs and Greg informed the manager of that, specifically stating ALL THREE DOGS. (No hiding!) The issue of a barking dog was dropped.
    Elli and Greg, even though disabled, gave their lives and their time to Jesus Christ. They have been Monastics for most of their time together. As part of their religion, they believe in the teachings of Saint Francis in regards to respect for animals and ecology. But more than this, they lead a life of quiet contemplation and prayer.Their neighbors will tell you this.
    As Elli and Greg have said, "We just want to live in peace."
    Perhaps this is the reason why management seems to think that they were "hiding" the little 3-lb. dog named Boots!

    Then out of the blue, A flier went out to everyone about a one dog only rule. Elli and Greg felt that since they got the okay before moving in, this did not pertain to them.

    And then it was time for the Yearly Update Form and Elli and Greg filled out the form honestly,saying that Boots from next door is now staying with them. She also turned in her medical paper, her doctors statement regarding the dogs, and two letters from their Vet saying, "They go above and beyond" the normal care of animals.
    Elli and Greg had turned in the Yearly Update Sheet before the deadline and then were informed that they had to get rid of two of the dogs! Elli showed Management the paper allowing them the two dogs.
    But now they were told to get rid of one of the three.
    After a conversation with a family member, Elli and Greg got an attorney thinking that would help. There was communication with the attorney, and frankly, I believe the talk to euthanize Poppy initially came from these conversations.
    Both being disabled and fearing eviction, she and Greg drew up a letter asking if they could have time to save up the money to put Poppy to sleep and to say "Goodbye," to him.
    For awhile, Elli was almost convinced she would have to, but then decided to grow a backbone, and went into the meeting without the attorney. At first they were led to believe that the Management would be on their side and had seen things their way. Elli was ecstatic and hugged the Manager. She asked if there were papers to sign and he said that all of their words (including his) was enough.
    She asked him to repeat the good news to her, but then he said he had only agreed to putting Poppy to sleep.
    According to Elli, he raised his voice at her and that's when he demanded that she euthanize Poppy and bring him proof from the Vet to stop the eviction from proceeding. Greg asked if they could have two more weeks. He nodded.

    She started sobbing and he showed them out a side door while saying something about this all being her fault and that if they didn't want to be evicted, they needed to bring in proof of euthanization.
    Elli has been very ill since this meeting. Not only is she horrified by the prospect of losing one of their beloved animals, but what will become of her emotional well-being.
    Elli and Greg cannot understand why this is happening to them over a tiny little dog of 3-lbs.that loves being with them.
    They just want to live in peace.....

  2. For three years Elli gets up every morning to measure, cut and crush Poppy's medicines and mash them up with toddler weinies for Poppy to take. she does this every day TWICE a day.
    Talk about dedication!

  3. People, we are talking about a little dog here! Good grief! Why put the family through this? WHY? ASK yourselves why this family is being put through this! If this doesn't make you angry then I feel sorry for you!

  4. I know this couple. They are great people. What you don't know is that they trapped/spayed/neutered almost 20 cats because when they moved there, cats were everywhere!
    Did you know that of the 300 mobile homes that 2 cats are allowed in each household?
    Also, thank God nobody has that many, so what is the issue with this nice couple have 3-lb. more dog???

  5. Hi!

    Do you know what the latest update is about Poppy? It would be wonderful if he gets to live out his life.

    No question that it's commendable when someone takes the time to do TNR (trap-neuter-return) cats to help end overpopulation.

  6. The mobile home park is madder than hop toads at all the bad publicity and is denying they even had a meeting about it. They're suing for eviction. Hearing is next week.