Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senior Deaf Dog Needs a Home in CT!


This is Sarge, our old boy at Stamford Animal Care & Control. He is very sweet, just a bit slower now as he is senior, walks well on the leash, pulls a little. Definitely needs to be the only dog due to his deafness. It makes him uncomfortable around other dogs. And I believe his previous owner said he was never too fond of others. I believe he has lived with kids but personally b/c of his age I wouldn't put him with kids at this point, not young children anyway.

Thanks Donna,
regards, Clare

P.S. This is his petfinder site: Sarge's petfinder

This is his petfinder write up:

Sarge is not going to ask you for too much. Just a nice warm bed, a lap to lay his head on and a nice biscuit every once in a while. Found wandering the streets, Sarge has had enough of the apparently rough life he lived. Sarge came to us with a thick collar around his neck that had been there for a number of years. Tied to the collar was a thick rope that was clean cut, perhaps to let poor Sarge go loose. He is gentle and sweet, loves his human friends. But, we believe Sarge would do best as your one and only dog so he could live out his senior years in peace. We have had Sarge since 1/8/09.

UPDATE 2/24/09 - Sarge's owner was located and has signed him over to the shelter. He travels too much to be able to care for Sarge properly. But, can you believe Sarge is 18 years young? He is in amazing shape for such a senior, senior boy. Sarge is also DEAF which may be nervous and snappy near other dogs. Sarge sure is in need of a wonderful home where he can live out his last days in warmth and peace. Please give Sarge the wonderful home he deserves. He'll thank you over and over for your kindness.
This pet has been altered.

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