Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deaf Collie/Sheltie Mix Pup in CO


This new puppy, whom we call Otto, was going to be put down a week ago Saturday at a northern Colorado shelter because he did not pass the temperament test. (He is a puppy! Good Lord!) So they called us. Even though he is not a collie or sheltie, we wanted to help the little guy. He has been at the home of our director in Pueblo and is quite happy. But we really need to find him a home soon that can work with him with sign language and just be there during his crucial puppy months.

If you want to see Otto, go to our website This is me, Otto! Thank you.

Jen Munch
Webmaster/Board Secretary
Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue of Colorado


  1. Awww that pup is adorable! I fall in love with him at first sight, I would adopt him in a heartbeat however after reading adoption fees that set me back. It is pretty ridiculous. :(

  2. I am sorry you feel this way. The adoption fees normally cover for the vaccinations and neutering. Whose money? Rescue. Often, they pay more from their pocket than what's asked of the adoption fee. I do not encourage rescue to adopt out a cat or dog that aren't fixed or vaccinated. This is one way to support their efforts in minimizing the issue of overpopulation. Millions of cats and dogs die by euthansia every year. What foster homes and rescues do is thankless and they don't get paid for this.

    I have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed a dog, who costs me over $500. A dog that was neglected and matted. Yet the adoption was only for $175 and the rest was from my own pocket. The reward is worth it knowing that she went to a forever and perfect home. That's reality of what many rescue have done and they deserve some appreciation and respect.

    Those who have a problem allows the rescue to cross them off because they wouldn't be prepared for any medical issues that come up for the dog later if that ever happens. Cats and dogs do need to see a vet regularly and for ER if needed. Nothing is free about pet ownership. I have two dogs and I have spent thousands on one of my dogs when she got sick. They are part of family as much as a human is. Because of her, I have joined my dogs for pet insurance as they are my responsibility and will not use euthansia as an easy way out.