Friday, August 29, 2008

Pyrenees to be Dumped at Shelter in AL


My name is Tammy Ray I need help finding a home for my father's great Pyrenees. We live in Pell City Alabama about an hour and a half from Atlanta. This is the story my father bought 2 Pyrenees from a local flea market oneturned out to be deaf. My father has kept him in a 10x10 fence since he bought him. Every time he lets him out he runs away. He told me yesterday he was taking him to our local animal shelter. I asked him to wait and letme see if I could find him a home. He is a very sweet dog I was going over every week and walking him but after I put him back in the pen he would hurt himself trying to get out. He is 16 months old he is not neutered but I would be willing to take care of everything and drive him into Atlanta, anything to get him into a better environment. My e-mail address is Phone #205-814-1198
Please let me know if you can help.

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