Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Dying Woman Needs a Home for Her Deaf Dog

UPDATE: Two people have stepped in to offer foster for Dee-Dee when owner is in hospital and adoption for Dee-Dee when time comes.


I have a friend in need who has rescued one very special dog that will need a new home very soon. My friend has cancer. Her health is now seriously compromised, and her loyal companion, a wonderful, affectionate dog, will need a loving home in the very near future.

She rescued this puppy (at the time) from an abusive owner who didn't realize the puppy was deaf. That was about 8 years ago. This dog, Dee-Dee, for deaf dog, has become very important to my friend. Dee-Dee is a spayed female, white Am. Bull Terrier with blue eyes. Those blue eyes gave my friend a clue that she might be deaf. The dog lives with 2 kittens, 2 adult cats, and my friend. Quite an interesting household, and everything would be fine, if my friend had longevity on her side, which she doesn't. She is a breast cancer victim that has metastasized to other vital organs, had more than one surgery, and is now facing a tumor in her liver. Originally diagnosed at age 42 in 1997, this disease has gradually worn her down. Prognosis is poor.

Any help you could give me as to where to turn to assist my friend to find a home for Dee-Dee would be so much appreciated. We are in southern Calif.

Please reply to my personal email address:

Dee-Dee is an 11 yr. old white deaf Am. Staffordshire bull terrier, spayed. Weight: Approx. 60 lbs.
Gets bathed every other week, just had her teeth cleaned. She healthy, seems younger to me than 11 yrs., plays well with other dogs, lives with 4 cats, and plays ball and chase games with her owner. She knows hand signals. She understands sit, stay, and come.

She keeps her eyes on her owner, and in this regard, you would be hard pressed to know she doesn't hear. A wonderful affectionate dog that greets you in the traditional manner, puts her nose up to you to be petted. She has completely forgotten about being mistreated as a puppy by her former owner.


Dana and Dee-Dee

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