Saturday, August 16, 2008

Foster Homes Needed for 2 Deaf Cats in PA

While this site was often the force behind many of the deaf cats being adopted once posted here when their deaf cat, be it in shelter, at home, or foster has been waiting for over a year or so, there are two all white deaf cats, both from different places, that are in need of a foster home.

I will make arrangement and bring them over myself. First preference to have a foster home is here in the state but I might would consider neighboring states such as Delaware, New York, New Jersey or DC Metro area, depending on who is the most qualified to care for the deaf cat. A permanent home will be found after they are screened with a home visit. What is only expected of a foster parent is to ensure that the cat is provided with food, water, litterbox, safety and training if any. Also, to update me on if they are good with other cats and/or dogs and whether or not they can be around children to help figure out what kind of home would be appropriate for them.

Once they go into a foster home, they will be posted for adoption. Please email if you would like to foster.

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