Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zanesville, OH: Cat Slated for Euthansia If No Home or Rescue

I work with the local animal shelter in Zanesville OH. We have a cat that is blue-eyed, white, 2yr old female. We named her Amore'. She came with severe ear infections as a stray in August. The shelter has treated her for the ear infections. She may/most likey has a ruptured ear drum and a permanant head tilt. She can hear to some degree but not very well. She is not much of a jumper due to her landing skills are limited. She is short-haired and really sweet. She loves to be held and head scratches a. She is healthy other than her long term head tilt. I tested her with cats and she will hiss if they get in her face but she doesn't make any contact.

If we can't get a rescue or home that understands her limits, she will be euthanized. She will be spayed, vaccinated and wormed. You can contact me at this email jeeplady67@yahoo.com or John Newman at the shelter 740-452-1077. Any help would be great.



  1. awwww I wish i could adpot that cat but my apt is not allowed to have any pet.

  2. How do this cat do with kids?

  3. did this little gal find a home yet? please let me know. if not, i will network her nationally. thank you!