Friday, November 12, 2010

Buffalo, NY: Blind and Possibly Deaf Husky Needs Help

Old Boy was picked up on the road by a caring animal control officer. With his injury, he was taken to the vet. The vet feels Old Boy he is around 10 years old. He is blind, and may possibly be deaf. No one is sure if his blindness was caused by his injury, or if it was the other way around. He has touched our hearts, and our hope is that a kind soul or a rescue will step up for him and will give him the love and attention he deserves.

Old Boy is oblivious to dogs that are around him. He was found with that gash on his head which they say is old and they left it open. He also has a round sore on his back which the vet says is a tumor that popped. He doesn't seem in pain with it, and doesn’t seem to have arthritis. He is a sweet boy and obviously has had a rough time of things, but definitely seeks out a person and whines for them if he can smell them. He has a great appetite as well! With any blind dog, there is a period of adjustment, but it is felt that once he can get used to familiar surroundings, he will adapt.

We hope that a kind soul or a rescue will step up for Old Boy, and will give him much love and a warm place to live for whatever time he has left. But if a rescuer or adopter cannot be found, he will be held in loving arms when he goes over the rainbow bridge.

If you can give Old Boy lots of love and a soft, warm bed to lie on for the remainder of his golden years, please contact Kathy at

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  1. Here is a link ~

    The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary rescues and shelters disabled animals. Every animal who arrives at the sanctuary gets another chance to have a safe and loving home. Our residents include blind dogs, blind horses, deaf dogs, blind cats, and animals with other neurological and orthopedic disabilities.
    Although these animals may have disabilities, they do not consider themselves handicapped. They just want to get on with life and enjoy themselves. Thanks to the support of the sanctuary's friends, that's what they get to do here. They also take old and senior deaf & blind dogs and cats etc. They're now located in the beautiful White Mountains of northern New Hampshire.

    Please contact them as soon as possible. Thank you Here you can contact them at this link ~

    Sincerely ~ Jaki