Thursday, November 11, 2010

Atlanta, GA: Deaf/Blind Cattle Dog Needs Help

Hi everyone,

I got an email in my White Angels Hope Rescue screen name from a lady named Jamie who lives an hour outside of Atlanta. She has to give up her senior Cattle Dog mix named Apache, who is going blind and deaf. She is a beautiful girl (picture below) and I would like to help her find a good and safe home for this senior gal. If someone could open their heart and home to this dog because the alternative of having to put her to sleep would break my heart and hers. Jamie feels she would do best in a home where she was an only dog where she could get someone's full love an attention.

Please pass this around to people who might be able to help if you can not. I am just a messenger so if you are interested, please contact Jamie Keyes herself at or 770 725-4527.
Please help.
Yours in Rescue

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  1. isnt that stupid... to give up your dog , it only knows you your whole life and then when the dog is disabled you just throw the whole dog's life away? why not put a bunch of old people who is going blind and deaf to sleep as well? i have a germ shep and she is getting old i can not IMAGINE to try to put her down she has been good to me. its a shame!! how old is the poor thing i have no pity to the owner.