Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Hurdle of Obstacle for Daisy!

One day when we were buying food for our other dog Olivia, we found Daisy's picture. Daisy was born blind and deaf and was passed through three homes before finding us. She was only 3 months old and scared. She bonded instantly with Olivia but refused to bond with us. Daisy was up all hours of the night pacing and barking, which we later learned was normal for blind and deaf dogs. Within 48 hrs we knew we needed to call a trainer. Fortunately one was willing to volunteer his services.

The first step was for us to understand Daisy’s need for a strict schedule; this would be her life force. And next was for Daisy to accept our touch. It took eight months for Daisy to bond with us, working with her day and night. In one sense the job was simple, hold Daisy until she succumbed to us, or fell asleep, but not for Daisy. We spent the first three months with many bites and scratches; we didn’t have the typical dog with the wagging tail running to greet us. I spent many nights in tears feeling as if somehow I was failing as a pet parent. As much as Daisy’s rejection stung, it was also a constant reminder that this was not about me, this was about Daisy’s growth and trust in us and I was not about to give up trying.

I will never forget the first break through when she no longer fought me but rather collapsed and fell asleep in my arms, this time I cried happy tears, the bond was made and would only grow stronger from here.
Since then Daisy has learned how to climb stairs, visit new locations and even learn how to swim! And even though we always find ourselves asking, what about Daisy? Daisy’s strength, joy for life and perseverance is something I would never trade for the world.



  1. Patience is the key. Wow .. A touching story!

  2. Never realized that a deaf and blind dog would reject human contact. Why is that? Obviously she would connect with another dog as she would identify her own species through smelling. I find that very interesting.

  3. Bravo Daisy, you go girl!