Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Burbank, CA: Deaf Cat Needs a Foster or Home by June


“Tuna,” a deaf calico kitty with lovely painterly markings was abandoned/lost in Burbank, where my husband and I noticed her hanging out on people’s porches for almost two years. She was injured on various occasions by other local animals; she was a soft target as she could not hear them approaching.

Tuna was badly injured in one such encounter last year. Her wounds got infected, she was clearly in a lot of pain, and her condition swiftly deteriorated. Since everyone on the street insisted she was not their responsibility, we decided to step in and take her to the vet. Once on antibiotics, she quickly healed, and is now back to being the picture of health.

We have been fostering Tuna for the last year: she is a sweet, purring bundle who loves to sit by you and be cuddled and kissed; she adores human company and is a talkative little girl who calls out to you to be petted. She is a smallish cat, with lovely black-rimmed eyes. We took her on as a foster, fully knowing we could not keep her for a variety of complicated reasons.

Tuna is slowly beginning to tolerate the company of other cats. She has had a tough life (abandoned twice!) and is still a tiny bit skittish and shy sometimes, although she has been getting beautifully socialized over the past many months. She is litter-trained and de-flea’d, and tested negative for FeLV, FIV, and HW; the vet estimated her age at four years.

Please give this adorable deaf little girl the safe and loving forever (or foster) home she desperately needs. We need to place her by June at the very latest.

We will only charge a rehoming fee of $50, which is the tiniest part of the vet and other expenses we have incurred for Tuna. Please call (818) 753-9328.



  1. i wish i can foster her but i can't bec i has three deaf cats and deaf dog at my place..i am from Montana (wolflady19582000@yahoo.com)

  2. This is Tuna's foster mom. You'll all be happy to know Tuna has found a lovely home. Thank you, Deaf Animals, for getting the word out and for helping her. Tuna says a big thank you. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the update. It is good to hear that Tuna has a loving home.

    Bruce Wilson

  4. It's always a pleasure to know that Deaf Animals site has assisted you to find a loving home for Tuna! Thank you for doing what's right by taking her in to care for her.