Friday, May 7, 2010

Baldwin Park, CA: Deaf/Blind Senior Chow to die 5/10

UPDATE: Pledge for a Qualified 501c3 Rescue: $1,075 upfront plus a televised feature on the person behind saving this dog and also the dog in California.

First the good news. The shelter has given Ebony an extension until 5/14, with a review on 5/15. Also, JC O'Connell has added $25 per month for a full year to an already generous pledge for a 501c3 rescue to take this dog. Additionally, I have offers of pull assistance if needed.

I was notifed by the shelter yesterday that they tried to conduct a temperament test on Ebony and he growled and tried to bite. Note that a temp test is standard procedure for the shelter to approve public adoption for a Chow, and I expect there were many calls to the shelter concerning this dog. Ebony is now for rescue only to an approved 501c3, as he is labeled agressive. Since a real temperament test was not even possible given the situation, this seems an inaccurate and unfair judgement. Given that he is old, blind, deaf, and was abandoned to a strange place where he has received little contact, his behavior might be expected and normal given the situation. But now his options have narrowed.

Ebony was failed first by the owner that abandoned him, and now by the shelter system. Each day he remains caged, his hope is waning.

There is still hope for Ebony. There are rescues who will believe in him, who are willing to give him a chance and an opportunity to experience love, care, comfort, and security for his remaining days. Please keep networking for Ebony until he is rescued and safe.

TV Feature Offer from Brett Allen:
I will do a televised feature on the person behind saving this dog, and also the dog, on our Official Best Of California show and/or the Official Best Of LA show about this special rescue. We need to get the word out and I can do it.

Please rescue - Please keep networking

Ebony is still waiting and hoping for someone to come and get him. He is at Baldwin Park Animal Care and Control at 4275 N. Elton, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. Ph# is 626 962 3577. His impound # is A4119185.

His owners abandoned him to a doomed existence -- can anyone save him and give him the care and comfort he deserves in his old age? He only has until May 10th. There is a pull assistance offered for anyone interested. They are killing these old dogs quickly. Can anyone get this dog out and into a safe and comfortable place for her remaining days?

$350 in pledges to a qualified 501c3 rescue. If able to help, contact Jan at

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