Friday, November 20, 2009

Deaf Puppy Time in NJ Shelter is Running Out

Elena is approximately 14 weeks old and has already learned how unfair life can be. Her sweet self was found tied to a tree by several shoelaces in the pouring rain last weekend. She was brought to the SPCA where we gave her everything she needed to be comfortable. We vaccinated her and were waiting for her stray time to be up so we could find her a loving home. One day a staff member noticed that she remained curled up fast asleep in her bed throught the "morning rush" of dogs barking for their breakfast. After further observation, we believe that Elena is severely hard of hearing or deaf. We hung up our "deaf dog protocol" on her kennel to begin to teach her sign language and she responded quickly. She is very playful and loved time out in the yards, but her favorite thing to do is giving kisses, and she will happily sit in your lap to do so.

Unfortunately, fate had another nasty twist for Elena. The SPCA takes animals that are stray, released, and cruelty seizures. Our intake in the past day was extremely high and we are expecting more intake tomorrow. We have run out of space. Elena needs rescue commitment or adoption by tomorrow. I can make arrangements for her to be held for several days in a short term foster home if neccesary. She will need a placement that understands the needs of a deaf dog and will have patience and dedication to truely follow through on her training with sign language. If you are able to help Elena, please contact Maria at or by cell phone 609-330-1393. Thank you


  1. Elena was placed into a foster home and is being adopted this weekend!

  2. Yippee! Thanks for the update.