Friday, November 6, 2009

Deaf Pit Bull in PA Needs Help!

A08487213 Lola Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix, White/Brown, Medium, 0 1-2 years, Bitten: No Bite History

Lola is a non-aggressive, high energy dog that has little or no training. She interacts and focuses on the handler somewhat but is easily distracted. I was told that Lola might be hard of hearing and used a clicker, hand clapping and stomping on the floor in the attempt to get her attention. There was no indication that Lola heard those stimuli. While Lola was looking at me I used food reinforcement to get her attention and ask her not to jump on me. I was moderately successful. We also worked on polite walking. After about five minutes Lola was paying attention to me and not pulling on the leash about 70% of the time. While her hearing problem is definitely a problem, I think that Lola could be trained to respond to a laser pointer or hand signals. I spoke with Lola's owners and they were unwilling and unable to work with a deaf dog. They also stated that Lola was extremely high energy inside of their house. She is also very mouthy and tends to redirect her excitement to mouthing the leash or the arms of her handler. She has left many bruises on her former owner's arms and has ripped her clothing when she gets excited

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