Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deaf American Bulldog Pup in GA

He is deaf and knows hand signal
He is all white, with just one dark spot on the nape of his tail. We believe he is deaf, which is not unusual for white dogs and by far not a reason to euthanize a dog. In fact, Domino already knows a hand signal – SIT! Domino is still very young. We estimate his age around 5-6 months. Due to this, he has all the puppy energy you can imagine. We noticed he does not like water much but one thing that stands out above all is the fact that Domino LOVES little kids!!! Pretty much all of his attention was directed at Leo, the toddler of one of the rescue volunteers, when he was in the exercise field. All Domino wanted to do was be near him and play with him. If Leo left the field he would sit at the gate and whine for him to come back. Domino would be great for a family with kids. He's a sweetheart! Unfortunately, Domino is NOT good with other dogs.

To adopt Domino, you will have to fill out an adoption contract, which includes a mandatory spay/neuter agreement. You will be required to purchase a low-cost neuter voucher and pay $8 for his Rabies shot and a micro chip. For more information, please e-mail or Jen at We hope to hear from you before it is too late for Domino.

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