Friday, October 9, 2009

Sweet Deaf Pit in PA Needs to Get Out ASAP!

We are all worried he won't make it out now-so annoying because he really is a great dog.

Hello!! Big Boy’s the name. As you can see I am a solid white male pit bull, described by some as handsome, gorgeous, stunning, loveable-wait I mean about two years old neutered and up to date on all of my shots!…but anyways. Right now I am back at the Animal Control shelter for my third visit and frankly I am sick of this joint-but I do love the people here, they give me lots of attention, peanut butter filled Kong’s which I LOOOVE!! They also understand that I love a little bit of sunshine on my face everyday so they let me romp around and chase after tennis balls outside, which come on, I mean what is better than running around feeling the wind in your ears! It seems that I am having a bad run of luck finding a home because the families I have gone to were nice, they just could not commit to me. I don’t require much, just a place to call my own and a little bit of time to run around, fetch a ball, meet other puppy friends-you know typical dog stuff! Kisses, hugs and all that mushy stuff are awesome-I am a total leaner so as long as you don’t mind a little public display of affection then we are good to go! So you think we can get together? Come and meet me because I know as long as you enjoy a quick romp outside we will totally hit it off!!

ACCT is located at: 111 W. Hunting Park Ave, Phila., PA 19140 Phone: 267-385-3800

Please contact:

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  1. i can help this dog bec i'm part of deaf too but it hard you in phila and i wish i can adoption that dog. i live in waynesburg pa it 5-6 hrs away from here wow that dog i love it omg..