Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Jane in Kentucky Needs Your Help NOW!

Baby Jane came to our shelter emaciated and blind. She is older and seems to have trouble hearing. We think she can hear a little but VERY little. Otherwise, she is very sweet. When she
realizes you are with her, she is very gentle. She loves to be petted.

Baby Jane has a long ways to go before she will be at her best. She will need a resuce or a great home that will understand her needs and make sure she is properly cared for. She may not have many years left but she deserves to live what she has left in comfort with a full stomach and
surrounded by love.

If you can help this girl, please contact the shelter ASAP. We are over full and have 9 displaced dogs waiting for kennel runs. We have to make room and Baby Jane will be the first candidate for euthanasia. Our contact infomation is:

Shelby County Animal Shelter
266 Kentucky St.
Shelbyville, KY 40065
Phone: 502-633-0009
Fax: 502-647-9214


Click here for Baby Jane's website

Please don't wait to call. Baby Jane needs you NOW!!

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