Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deaf 3-Month Old Australian Shepherd Needs Home

My name is Robyn Goode. I live in Woodstock, VT. I am trying to find a qualified home for a 3 month old male Australian Shepard puppy who is deaf. He is a "rescue" from a backyard breeder in central VT.

My sister in Maine has friends involved with ASL & they are spreading the word up there. They are hopeful we could find him a home through the ASL community. I think it's a great idea. He is currently being fostered by a woman who already has 4 dogs. Though it has been good for him to be part of a pack, he really needs a special home & special training.

This cute little boy is white with brown spots & has blue eyes. If you know of anyone in the ASL community who could be of help, let me know. I really appreciate your time. Thanks.

Kind Regards ~ Robyn

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  1. did he get adopted yet? i have a 2 yr old deaf aussie... let me know