Monday, February 2, 2009

Deaf/Blind Lulu Lost in San Francisco, CA!

If you find Lulu or have any leads, please call Nikki 415 948 5972 and/or email Sherri,

A lady in San Francisco passed away, leaving her beloved dog, Lulu behind. Her daughter took her with her to Downey where she now had to take care of her ailing aunt. During her stay in Downey, poor Lulu may have tried to go home to her “mom” without knowing she passed away, and she’s now missing. She’s blind and deaf. Please help them recover Lulu and reward will be offered!
Here's the article on Lulu:

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  1. If any of you are from San Francisco or know of people from there, please spread the word to increase the chance of locating Lulu safely!