Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boxer Mix has Limited Time in Shelter in CA!

A244279 - This gorgeous girl loves to cuddle and needs someone to take her home and care for her. She is well behaved and responds to the "sit" command. She loves to play and needs an owner or family that can pay her the attention she deserves.

Here's a videoclip of her and her slightly underbite is irresistible!:


  1. i went to the original link for this pup and seemed like the video said she was adopted already but i wasn't sure.. can you clarify? also, how did u know she was deaf? the description didn't say that so im just wondering how you get that particular info

  2. Yes, she has been adopted. Hoorah! The information was shared in the crosspost that the dog is deaf.

    If you check the video again, it's not hard to tell the dog is deaf as the person behind the camera uses her hand to get the dog's attention. The person does not have the luxury of calling out her name.