Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 Months Deaf Old Pup to Die by Gas Chamber!

Listed as St. Bernard X but I believe it is a cattle mix, Male, 3 months old. Needs rescue asap. Will put to sleep on March 6, 2009. Please circulate if you can take!! Very sweet, good with other dogs.

Please contact Michelle Shead, Rescue Coordinator with the Anderson County Animal Shelter, Anderson, SC 29621 at 864-260-4151.

Please don't let this poor baby down!!


  1. hello. mind give me detail-- what do you mean by cattle? it is unheard of... thanks in advance, signhand

  2. Hi Signhand,

    Glad you asked what kind of dog this is. It is known as Australian Cattle Dog (ACD). This is what "cattle mix" was being referred to by whoever posted it. So, it is ACD mixed with some other unknown breed(s).

    For more on this breed, go to:


    Or just google up, "Australian Cattle Dog," there'll be plenty of lists on this breed.

    Hope this helps!

  3. You know you can make the URL work in Blogger comments. ;)

    Wikipedia link: Australian Cattle Dog

    Too bad I am so far away. I hope someone in SC will rescue this cute one!

  4. Deaf258!

    That's why we have people like you on the earth who is tech saavy! :) Thanks for making it easier for others to click on. It takes a deaf village to help deaf animals!

    Once again, thanks for coming to the rescue. Even humans need rescue.

  5. Hello!

    What about set up this organization to have a GROUP on www.facebook.com that would spread out info more people.

    I set up Deaf Californians and Deaf USA. So I can help out if need.

    Plus I would love to take that puppy but he is in SC. So cute puppy.. I love that black spot on his eye. Any way to get him far away from SC to California?


  6. thanks for the link about the type of breed- cattle dog, seem this type is require of active alike sport or work. sorry,such i would like to save--problem is.. i am not active person. hope somebody who is active or farmer that can relate to this dog.

  7. oops, forget my post name to it above comment--signhand once again thanks...

  8. I have a rescue in Wisconsin and a foster who has a deaf dog who will gladly take this one. I found a transporter who would pull...I've tried calling the number listed...is the pup still ok? Has he gotten out? If not, someone is coming through in about 2-3 hours and is more than willing to pick up the pup for us... Jean
    JR's Pups N Stuff - Brookfield, WI

    Please call Gale at 414-640-9722 and email jean@jrspupsnstuff.org if you have any info.

  9. Is he still in need? I've tried calling but no response. I've run searches on these mixes in South Carolina...does anyone knw if he was saved?

  10. Gale,

    This is posted only what is sent in email via crosspost. I would suggest to try calling until you get a hold of someone there or leave a message.
    Thanks for wanting to save a deaf dog and if someone already claim this one, there are other deaf dogs in need of help. Keep us posted!

  11. Kathryn,

    Thanks for getting back to us! Jean & I work together and I know she tried several phone calls yesterday & this morning. We will see if we can get thru. If you have a phone number of someone I should be calling, other than the number listed, please let me know via email.


  12. Hi Gale again!

    I know nothing more than what's shared in the crosspost. Try calling on the weekdays. However, I did a search on the internet and found her Michelle Shead's email address. It is:


  13. Katherine,

    Thanks - I will call her Monday morning, and I sent her an email too.

    Thanks again for helping us here!! It is truly appreciated :)

  14. Ihave tried calling this number several times - no answer and no aswering machine. I have also sent the contact and the shelter emails. If anyone knows of another contact here, or is close enough to go by, please let me know. I am with JRs Pups N Stuff in Brookfield WI - we can arrange transport and will take this boy. I already have a deaf dog and this boy would come to me, so any help (or word that he is already safe) would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Gale

  15. I have tried this number several times, and have sent emails. If anyone has another to contact this shelter, please let me know. We are a rescue, with a foster home that already has a deaf dog of their own, and we are willing to help and we can arrange transport too. Any help in contacting this shelter, would be greatly appreciated.

  16. I got word from someone who got in touch with the shelter that this pup is safe. He is in foster waiting his quarantine period before going to rescue. Hope this helps!

  17. Hey Pam!

    Deaf Animals have been set up on Facebook now.