Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soldier Got Rid of His Deaf Dog. Patriot, Not!

Words cannot express the despair in this girl's eyes...but I will try. This precious girl is currently at the Christian County Animal Shelter in Hopkinsville, KY. She is deaf. She was so sweet and gentle with my 4 year old son. There was another dog tied across from her and she paid it no attention. She has been staying with a lady who has several kids. Her story is, of course, a sad one. Her original owner is a US Soldier. He had to be deployed so he asked this lady if she would dog-sit for him until he found a more permanent place for her to stay while he was deployed. After several months, the lady contacted him and asked when he was going to have someone pick the dog up. His response? "JUST HAVE HER PUT TO SLEEP" I wish I could say that I was shocked. So here she is. Scared, lonely, desperate and in need of our help! She is a gentle, very deserving girl and I hope someone has it in their heart to help her get out alive! I am currently full (hoping to have room soon but can't count on it) so if anyone can take this girl please contact me as soon as possible! She is on borrowed time! Her eyes begged me to take her with me...I wanted to so bad. When she realized I was leaving her, she just laid down and put her head on the ground like she expected it to happen. It crushed my heart. Can someone please help this baby find her spot in this confusing world?? Transportation can be arranged and I will personally have her spayed! PLEASE!!! If anyone knows of a deaf-dog rescue or if ANY rescue is willing to help with her, please contact the shelter directly at 270-887-4175 or Contact Jessica at jesi95@hotmail.comor 270-887-6725

Jessica Teague

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